Goals Half Done

Goal Marker Ahead

Just one month from now, at 12:00 noon, on July 2nd, half the year will be gone.  Maybe I should explain:  that date marks the 183rd day of 2018 – the midpoint mark – and half  the year will be behind us, half still ahead.

Throw Away that Key

If you have been seeking a key, stop … stop now.

And if you have found a key, a key of any kind, throw it away. It is, I promise you, spurious.

There is no key; there is no lock for the key to fit in. Neither is there a door – not closed, not open, not in any form.

Chaos for Fun and Profit

The Upside of Uncertainty

Ever heard of Dan Peña? He’s a quirky and fascinating man, a real life rags-to-riches bootstrap multi-millionaire who taught himself to build net worth by taking over huge corporations and either running them better or

Wealth Like the Sunshine Flows

Wealth is like sunshine - it's everywhere

Wealth, plenty, happiness, robust good health … they are your birthright. You don’t have to wonder if you can qualify to receive them. You were born, so access to the realm of plenty is yours. Period.

The concept of birthright gets almost no attention in today’s world – it’s treated

Making REAL Decisions

A decision is a quiet, little thing.

When Jerry decided to build a house, he told almost nobody. Newly married, he and his bride were living with his widowed mother. One morning he quietly announced, “I believe I’ll put up a house on the lot out back.”

A Choice of Realities

A choice of Realities

Good news …

We’re the ones drawing forth the energies and possibilities of the Universe and defining them, stamping them with our own expectations.

We’re the ones making our own existence one of either joy or fear.

How to Manage Your Moods Starting Now

How to Manage Your Moods Starting Now

Driving Your Own Emotions

Sure, we all have emotions, and while some of them are happy, others are real downers. We’ve all experienced both ends of that spectrum.

But isn’t there anything we can do about all those unruly, unpredictable emotions?

The Sphere of Protection

Ever hear of projecting a circle or a sphere of psychic protection around yourself to keep out negative influences?

Most spiritual instructors teach that we absolutely need some kind of protection to keep us from being dangerously exposed and helpless.

And in many ways they’re right.