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Success Templates

Success Templates for Confident Living

We’ve heard it over and over – our thoughts control what happens in our life. So we buy books and tapes on positive thinking or mental programming. We attend seminars and workshops on hypnosis, NLP, positive thinking, affirmations, or some other system to help us live better. We do this in an attempt to retrain and redirect our thoughts into more positive channels.

Bad Habits Are a Good Start

Those so-called “bad” habits you’ve been struggling to break may be better assets than you realize. In fact, if you really understood what you have here, you might not dislike them quite so much.

True, in their present form, some of your habits may be royally screwing up your life, but here’s an interesting little question for you…

Sleep Through the Night

Trouble getting enough sleep at night?

If so, it only means that you’ve had a lot of practice at keeping yourself awake. If you’d like to change that, the best thing to do is to practice your sleeping skills under controlled conditions. I’ve made a set of two hypnosis recordings you can use to re-tune your mind, and re-teach yourself how to sleep when it’s time to sleep.