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A Choice of Realities

A choice of Realities

Good news …

We’re the ones drawing forth the energies and possibilities of the Universe and defining them, stamping them with our own expectations.

We’re the ones making our own existence one of either joy or fear.

The Sphere of Protection

Ever hear of projecting a circle or a sphere of psychic protection around yourself to keep out negative influences?

Most spiritual instructors teach that we absolutely need some kind of protection to keep us from being dangerously exposed and helpless.

And in many ways they’re right.

Excitement Isn’t Growth


There’s a reason why many politicians, preachers and pos-think gurus fire up their energy to a fever pitch before unleashing it on their audiences. It impresses. 

Stunted Corn

Why Corn Grows Short at the Edge

As a child, I lived for a couple of years with my grandparents on a farm in North Georgia, where in addition to his other businesses and holdings, my grandaddy also grew several acres of corn.

If you’ve ever seen corn in the field, you’ll know that all the stalks grow tall except for the ones along the edge of the field.

Those are always shorter.

Your Mis-named Comfort Zone

If This Is My Comfort Zone, Why’m I So Uncomfortable?

I’m going to stick up my hand and ask a dumb question here: Why does everybody call it a “comfort zone”?

We’re always hearing psychologists, psychiatrists, ministers, teachers, inspirational writers and speakers talking about comfort zones. We’re too comfortable, they say. If we want to make progress, they say, we’ve got to be willing to move out of our comfort zone.

5 Steps to (Almost) Fearless Decisions

Stuck in Neutral

Making decisions seems to be a sticking point for most people. And the higher the stakes involved, the harder it is to choose an action.

Journeys Begin