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Making REAL Decisions

A decision is a quiet, little thing.

When Jerry decided to build a house, he told almost nobody. Newly married, he and his bride were living with his widowed mother. One morning he quietly announced, “I believe I’ll put up a house on the lot out back.”

How to Manage Your Moods Starting Now

How to Manage Your Moods Starting Now

Driving Your Own Emotions

Sure, we all have emotions, and while some of them are happy, others are real downers. We’ve all experienced both ends of that spectrum.

But isn’t there anything we can do about all those unruly, unpredictable emotions?

Top 5 Ways to Demotivate Yourself

Demotivate yourself? Yes, you CAN! There’s no longer any need to suffer from massive motivation or high achievement.

Anytime you feel an attack of ambition, energy or enthusiasm coming on, just use one of the techniques listed below. You’ll soon be safely back in front of your television watching reruns or down the pub nursing a pint.

My Suicidal Passenger

My passenger was dying and I ...

Just Needed a Drink

The man in my back seat was dying, and I had no idea what to do. It started when he got into my taxi and asked me to take him to a place on the North side.

Where Is My Happiness?

Hunting Happiness

The Same Wrong Turn Every Time

Judy was crying … again. After breaking up with her latest boyfriend, she was weeping uncontrollably. Crying over a broken romance would usually be normal behavior, except this was her seventh goodbye in the past thirteen months.

Bad Habits Are a Good Start

Those so-called “bad” habits you’ve been struggling to break may be better assets than you realize. In fact, if you really understood what you have here, you might not dislike them quite so much.

True, in their present form, some of your habits may be royally screwing up your life, but here’s an interesting little question for you…