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Get Grit

Grit Won’t Quit

In my teens, I began feeling, as many people do at that age, a serious lack of … something.

Something I apparently didn’t have but which I believed would enable me to live without the constant sense of something missing. 

Top 5 Ways to Demotivate Yourself

Demotivate yourself? Yes, you CAN! There’s no longer any need to suffer from massive motivation or high achievement.

Anytime you feel an attack of ambition, energy or enthusiasm coming on, just use one of the techniques listed below. You’ll soon be safely back in front of your television watching reruns or down the pub nursing a pint.

Motivation Is Caring What Happens

If it's lukewarm it's NOT motivation

Too Cool to Care

We were standing around, heads hanging, listening to the boss berate us for letting quality slide.

In my twenties, I worked for a few years in a custom color photo lab where we developed film