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My Suicidal Passenger

My passenger was dying and I ...

Just Needed a Drink

The man in my back seat was dying, and I had no idea what to do. It started when he got into my taxi and asked me to take him to a place on the North side.

Your Mis-named Comfort Zone

If This Is My Comfort Zone, Why’m I So Uncomfortable?

I’m going to stick up my hand and ask a dumb question here: Why does everybody call it a “comfort zone”?

We’re always hearing psychologists, psychiatrists, ministers, teachers, inspirational writers and speakers talking about comfort zones. We’re too comfortable, they say. If we want to make progress, they say, we’ve got to be willing to move out of our comfort zone.

Where Is My Happiness?

Hunting Happiness

The Same Wrong Turn Every Time

Judy was crying … again. After breaking up with her latest boyfriend, she was weeping uncontrollably. Crying over a broken romance would usually be normal behavior, except this was her seventh goodbye in the past thirteen months.

Success Templates

Success Templates for Confident Living

We’ve heard it over and over – our thoughts control what happens in our life. So we buy books and tapes on positive thinking or mental programming. We attend seminars and workshops on hypnosis, NLP, positive thinking, affirmations, or some other system to help us live better. We do this in an attempt to retrain and redirect our thoughts into more positive channels.